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Goodbye Colombia: a farewell to la tierra querida

“Living in another country is always going to be a good thing.”

It’s a wet, steamy evening in Soho, Hong Kong.  Typhoon Utor is on its way and by 2 am, the city will be on a Typhoon Warning 8.  For the time being, there’s still a birthday dinner and drinks to squeeze out of the evening.

“But up to a point,” continues our friend …

A day out: Usaquen
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The Best of Colombian Travel: Top Bogota Experiences part 2

Missed the first half of my favourite Bogota experiences? You can see them here.  

I often imagine that life in Bogota today is nothing like it was 10, even 5 years ago in terms of safety and infrastructure.  That said, a true bogotano experience is about a lot more than ticking the touristic boxes or getting your end in with a Colombian.

I …

Get on a Chiva: You know you want to
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