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Goodbye Colombia: a farewell to la tierra querida

A day out: Usaquen

“Living in another country is always going to be a good thing.”

It’s a wet, steamy evening in Soho, Hong Kong.  Typhoon Utor is on its way and by 2 am, the city will be on a Typhoon Warning 8.  For the time being, there’s still a birthday dinner and drinks to squeeze out of the evening.

“But up to a point,” continues our friend …

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The Best of Colombian Travel: Top Bogota Experiences part 2

Get on a Chiva: You know you want to

Missed the first half of my favourite Bogota experiences? You can see them here.  

I often imagine that life in Bogota today is nothing like it was 10, even 5 years ago in terms of safety and infrastructure.  That said, a true bogotano experience is about a lot more than ticking the touristic boxes or getting your end in with a Colombian.

I …

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El Papa es argentino (The Pope is Argentinian)

Pope Francis - The Argentine

Si, hace mucho frio porque el nuevo papa es de Argentina.  

- Tienda owner, Bogota.

Sitting in one of our regular almuerzo places on Tuesday, the world was cracking on with what needed doing.  Jane and I sit in our usual corner, awaiting our order.  The usual chicken, rice, criollas and salad with soup.  The chairs are wooden and uncomfortable, the tables suspiciously waxy …

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How I blog: Things I wish I’d known about blogging

I have been musing on this for a long time now.  A whole 3 weeks.  And I by no means call myself an expert on the matter – but I have been blogging for long enough to have several of those oh I wish I knew that before I did it moments.  I also have come to realise, I think, that the whole interest thing …

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What de Botton’s 10 commandments mean to me, and might mean to you

Religious codes began as cautionary precepts…Christianity used to have list of seven key virtues that it believed all its followers should heed. Who knows how many virtues a non-believer might choose to be guided by…and that this is why people are especially tolerant of, and afraid to complain about, misbehaviour.

Alain de Botton, February 2012

If you haven’t already read them, these are the 10

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Lance Armstrong: What do you make of it?

Livestrong: Lance Armstrong

“The last thing I’ll say to those who don’t believe in cycling…the cynics…I’m sorry for you.  I’m sorry you can’t dream big…This is a great sporting event and you need to believe…there are no vive le tour. Forever.”

Lance Armstrong, 2005.

Love him or hate him, there is a unique absence of middle ground on this issue – most people belong in one of …

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Laguna de Tota: Colombia’s Titicaca

Laguna de Tota: There aren't enough words for green in Spanish.

It’s a sunny morning.  2600m aloft in the Andes. Welcome to 2013. As we make our way to the porteroless gate of our conjunto, squeezing two large backpacks with army-camouflaged sleeping mats hooked on the back of them, out the narrow width of the gate.  Packets of something from the night before whittle down the road like tumbleweed.  On the higher corner of …

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The Sensations of Bonaire: Washington Slagbaai National Park


An hour ago we were walking up the shore, scrambling on mossy rocks.  There are very few white sandy beaches here, and delicate white-frosted urchins line parts of the main harbour and reefs.  I have a fierce sense of rekindling burning within, like a part of me that belongs to the place I am from has been feeding on soul food for the last week …

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A very salty Christmas

Merry Christmas: There is a lot to be thankful for

It seems like, well, a year a go that I was contemplating the beginning of a new year having just watched The Strongest take the first of three games in the Bolivian football league’s finals series.  The also won this year, I gather from Facebook updates. It has been a very long year – one that I was thinking about for a long time on …

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So this is what it’s like to live, work and study abroad

Well done to you all for navigating your ways through probably the busiest period of the year on the DELTA. You’ve now completed half of your assignments for the course!

I have to say that the weekly update from our online course tutor this morning was, to say the least, a little relieving.  It was very much an experience on par with what I imagine …

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